Agricultural Mortgage Corporation

We are longstanding agents for the AMC who are well known for long term rural property and business mortgages to farmers.


  • Competitive rates of interest
  • Can be interest only or annuity
  • Fixed or variable rates of interest or a combination of both to suit your needs  (Interest rates can go down making fixed rates less competitive)
  • An AMC loan or facility is un-callable, even on death and can be passed across generations, providing all obligations to AMC are met
  • Loans can be repaid early, but there will be a charge in respect of the administration costs that AMC incurs. This charge is applied in addition to any breakage costs, and/or fixed rate redemption charges
  • No compulsory insurance
  • Loans available for individuals, limited companies, partnerships or trusts
  • No need to disturb existing banking relationships
  • All sources of income can be taken into account
  • Land, houses and buildings can be used as security
  • A straightforward and hassle free loan completion process
  • A friendly, professional and knowledgeable team, with no call centres 

It can also offer a short term loan that acts as a rolling credit facility use it as a source of reliable and available working capital or for funding projects such as building repairs or improvements.

The advantages of the AMC Flexible Facility are:

  •  The agreed margin remains unchanged and is not subject to an annual review of accounts for the duration of the five year loan period. There is a setting up fee (one-off) and an annual charge
  • Having access to ready capital at a known cost for up to five years forward can offer significant benefits from a planning and budgeting perspective.
  • The facility (min £30,000) can be put in place and thereafter can be drawn down (min £5,000 by telephone request) and used to fund the business as cash-flow or working capital requirements dictate.
  • Interest is only charged on the amount drawn down and repayment amounts and timings can be set to suit the cash inflows from the milk cheque or stock and crop sales for example.
  • The AMC Flexible Facility loan can remain independent from any existing bank accounts or loans.

As AMC agents we  have been providing specialist loans to farmers since 1928. AMC  knows the long term prospects for British farming are very positive and are keen to support those businesses looking to expand and develop for the future.

If the AMC  finance is something that you want to investigate or your farm business then please  contact us for a confidential and no obligation chat.

Key Contacts:

 David Williams

 Tim Needham

 Simon Williams

 Russell Jeanes


Did you know AMC run the premier specialist land website portal on which we advertise our properties


We are authorised and regulated by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) and the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).