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Grass Keep Lettings


Grass KEep

We arrange hundreds of acres of grass lettings each spring time to local livestock farmers, utilising grassland on arable farms, ensuring market rents are paid and importantly the paperwork correctly in place to ensure a clear understanding between the parties and to ensure that the RPA are satisfied that the arrangements entered into are in accordance with the rules.

We also marry up landowners and growers for short term lettings for vining peas, silage/ haylage, potatoes, maize etc and  again dealing with the paper work.


FBT Lettings

Pea vining

The saying “my word is my bond” does count for a lot in the countryside, through history a hand shake has been good enough to record a deal to rent land.  Increasingly farmers and landowner needs to record those arrangements in a suitable Farm Business Tenancy (FBT) agreement to ensure the farmer (often the tenant) complies with the RPA rules which are stringent and complex. Failing to evidence occupation of land can give rise to substantial and unwelcome penalties.  We produce scores of FBT agreements every year for our clients and can do them swiftly and cost effectively using a short form agreement produced by the Lincolnshire Association of Agricultural Valuer’s (LAAV) used by the majority of agents and valuer’s in the county and is widely recognised as the best way of ensuring all goes well with the letting of land.

Key Contacts:

Michael Kohut 01507 350506

Louise Wall 01507 350517

Sian Kirwin 01507 350511